how can I use this in my church?

Managing Money God's Way is a standalone three hour workshop, usually held on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon. Biblically based and introducing some practical tools it is offered in regional centres and can be run in the local church by experienced Stewardship facilitators. It is extremely flexible but works best for groups between 20 and 40 delegates. Consider:

  • running as a one off interactive workshop
  • a 'money weekend' or 'money Sunday' by linking a workshop with Sunday preaching on the theme of money
  • using Managing Money God's Way as a biblical introduction to a practical course such as CAP Money or Being MoneyWise.

Managing Money God's Way is also highly commended as training to accompany the Personal Budget Coach training offered by Stewardship for money advocates and money ministry teams

What are they saying about Managing Money God's Way?

This workshop has been tried and tested in churches across the country and is always very well received.


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