giving account

Simplify your giving with one online account for individual givers.

Support as many charitable causes as you like with a Stewardship giving account. Keep track of all your giving in one place and automatically increase your gifts by 25% through Gift Aid.

Find out more about our charitable giving accountOpen your charitable giving account  

Family giving account


family account

Share charitable giving with your child or grandchild.

Open a family charitable giving account with Stewardship

 18-25 giving account


18-25 account

The student giving account that makes your charitable giving go further.

Find out more about our special student charitable giving account.

 Find out more about our gold giving account, for donors with £10,000 or more to give away.  

gold account

For givers who wish to give £10,000 or more to charitable causes.

Find out more about our gold giving account, for donors with £10,000 or more to give away.

payroll giving  

payroll giving

Donate to charitable causes, directly from your pay.

 Find out more about our Payroll giving account; give to charity straight from your income.

 corporate giving  

company giving

Make it easy for your company or staff to give to charitable causes.

company giving

 legacies - a way to continue your giving beyond your lifetime  


Continue your charitable giving beyond your lifetime.

Find out more about how you can give a legacy gift to charity

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