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Want to set up your giving so that it happens automatically and with maximum efficiency? Our Payroll Giving system is a simple, tax-effective way to give to charities from your salary. Just look at the figures:

For each £1.00 you give it will only cost you 80p. If you're a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p.

Find out more about how Stewardship can help employees with their giving.

We believe that generosity and transformation are closely linked. Use our Payroll Giving service and you’ll be taking another step towards change for the better in you, your charity of choice and those they help in turn.

Quick and easy to set-up and administer, Stewardship's Payroll Giving service is a great way for you to demonstrate commitment to the causes that your employees care about. It can also aid retention and recruitment of staff, and enable you to generate a sustainable income stream to charities.

Payroll Giving provides charities with regular, reliable donations that allow them to plan ahead and budget for the future. By signing up to Payroll Giving, you can play a part in generously transforming charities and churches in the UK.

As a Christian charity, Stewardship is also uniquely positioned to allow you to give to some Christian workers or bible college students (please contact us for details).

Stewardship's Payroll Giving service is an easy, tax-effective way to give to charity - so it costs you, as an employee, less, to give more.

Because the deductions are made from before-tax-pay – in other words, before Pay As You Earn tax is taken off – you get tax relief straight away at your top rate of tax, for example:

  • A basic rate taxpayer can make a gift of £40 to charity, at an actual cost of just £32
  • A higher rate taxpayer can make a gift of £40 to charity, at an actual cost of just £24

The system is easy to opt in and out of, giving you full control over your giving.


Provided your employer offers Payroll Giving, it could not be simpler.

  1. You authorise your employer to deduct regular charitable donations from your pay.
  2. Your employer pays over the donations to Stewardship Payroll Giving.
  3. These funds are credited to an account in your name, from which we distribute the money to the charities of your choice. You can choose to make regular donations, or vary your giving by requesting one-off gifts by charity voucher.

If your employer does not yet offer Payroll Giving you can download our guide for Employers and recommend that they set up a scheme with Stewardship Payroll Giving.

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