when the cameras stop rolling...

By Bethan Walker | 6 February 2012

National Geographic

Image source: National Geographic

This scene from Sindh, Pakistan reveals an unexpected after-effect of the huge floods which hit the area during 2010.

As water levels rose, thousands of spiders took to the trees to escape. Because the flooding had such a devastating effect and has taken so long to drain away, many trees have become cocooned in the spider’s webs. Local inhabitants say that they have never witnessed such a phenomenon before.

It’s fair to say that a lot has happened since this flooding took place in 2010. It can be so easy to forget the hardships faced by those who live through the aftermath of a natural disaster. When the worldwide news teams move on, does our generosity follow them out of the country?

When we feel a personal conviction to respond generously to a particular cause, should we continue encouraging ourselves to remain sincere to that need until we are certain that our personal contribution is no longer required?

And does our personal contribution stop at our finances?

If you can pray, if you can write a blog post or update your Facebook status to raise awareness, if you can hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds, then you can stretch your contribution way beyond that initial donation.

Or, why not go deeper still? Maybe next time you could also search out and follow the progress of some of the charities that are responding, or make your own personal links with a local charity or Christian worker working in the most hard-hit areas.

In that way, you can continue to stand with the cause, even when the cameras stop rolling...

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