how can we share our faith at work?

By Bethan Walker | 25 April 2012 | Comments (2)

So it's Monday morning and you've successfully made in to the office without falling asleep. Result!

Then that classic post weekend conversation starter kicks off. You know the one. It sounds a little bit like: "Morning Roger/Betty/Simon [insert name here]. How are you? Good weekend?"

Select your standard response from the options below:

A. Good, yours?

B. Oh yeah, good thanks. Did the usual stuff, bit of this, bit of that... had a nice day on Saturday, went for a jog in the morning, did some shopping... erm... went to church on Sunday... erm... so how was your weekend?

C. I had a great weekend! I had a nice day out on Saturday and then had an awesome time at church on Sunday - there was a great speaker. If you’re ever free on a Sunday you would be SO welcome to pop along!

D. You're unable to answer. Your head has just hit the desk and you've fallen straight to sleep.

Honestly, honestly, HONESTLY, this is an area that I have really struggled with over the years. Sharing faith at work can be extremely challenging in an area of life in which we work hard to build a good reputation.

Now that I work for a Christian organisation, talking about faith in the workplace has, well, got a lot easier, but to say I no longer struggle in this area would not be true. There are still people in my life who I find it hard to talk to about my faith.

There are, however, a few good tips that I've picked up over the years which have genuinely helped me in this area and I would like to share them with you now:

Tip number 1: keep it real

Don't force discussions about faith. Rather find ways to 'be' Jesus in your workplace through the simple things. Offer a listening ear to someone or try to spend time with your colleagues over lunch. Often it’s the little things and a good relationship with your colleagues that can lead to the 'why' questions.

Tip number 2: practice your testimony

There is nothing worse than being asked your ‘story’ and getting into a cold sweat because you don't know where to start. Practise your testimony - remind yourself about how you came to be a Christian and what God has done in your life, and then rehearse it until you can deliver your testimony in less than two minutes.

Tip number 3: serve

No matter what your position is, be willing to serve others. Offer to make the next round of coffee, refill the printer if you've noticed its run out of paper, or simply smile and hold the door open for others.

A common theme about being a positive witness in our workplace is generosity: being generous with our time, resources, and putting others before ourselves.

Could you do with a little more inspiration in this area?

If you work in central London, join us for a special Pentecost breakfast on Tuesday 22 May 2012 from 7.30 -9.00am.

The event will be taking a fresh look at how we can witness in our workplace. It will be hosted by Stewardship and the folks from Pentecost Festival 2012 and located at the Salvation Army Regent Hall along Oxford Street, London.

Sharing their experiences of being a Christian in the workplace are guests speakers, Richard Gough (Chair of Trustees at Stewardship) Gavin Poole (Ex CEO of The Centre for Social Justice) and Social Entrepreneur and former advisor to the government, Lord Nat Wei. You can hear how God has influenced their career decisions, challenged them to put him at the centre of their work and powerfully answered prayers.

We would love for you to join us. For more information or to register for the event please visit

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