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In the midst of the consumerist hum we invite you to stop and reflect on the Christmas season in a wholly different way, with Stewardship's free Advent Wonder email series. 


We all know that the Magi journeyed for many months, and Mary and Joseph set off on foot to Bethlehem.  But what about Gabriel’s, Zechariah’s and Elizabeth’s journey? Advent Wonder takes a fresh look at how these journeys of generosity and faith weave together to create the most familiar, but most thrilling story on earth.

Each Monday and Friday throughout December 2015 we'll send you a new thought to ponder and share. 

Create some space. Join us in a journey of Wonder. 


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Advent Wonder resource pack for families 




Advent Wonder for your family - brand new for 2015


By popular demand, Stewardship presents Advent Wonder for families – downloadable now for FREE!

Advent Wonder: The Gift is a fun Bible, prayer and activity resource for the family to share and act out together throughout the month of December.

Let's do a quick test. Do you remember what you were given for Christmas last year? No matter how amazing and exciting our Christmas presents are, they don’t last forever. They might get lost under the bed, chewed by the dog or simply outgrown. This new series will look at a gift that you will never get tired of; never gets old, or broken, or too small. In fact it’s the gift that changed everything. And as we learn about God’s gift to us, we will be thinking of how we too can be generous.

Along with weekly short reflections, there are loads of daily activities, interactive puzzles and an Advent Challenge Chart which you can print and stick on the fridge.

We give to others because God first gave to us. Discover the wonder of Advent generosity with your family this year.

Download the Advent Challenge here Download the Advent Wonder Family Pack here




Advent Wonder for your church

This year we've created a series of Advent Wonder sermon notes especially for church leaders to use throughout December.

The series of four free sermons focuses on gifts. Jesus the Son is the ultimate gift, and God the Father is the ultimate giver. The Advent story is full of other gifts; some are surprising, some are timely, some are overwhelming, but all speak of God’s generosity.

If you'd like your free copy of the sermon resources, email Fiona at [email protected]

If you'd like to download the official #AdventWonder video to show in your church, click here

Advent Wonder from Stewardship - a sermon series for churches